Auto Word List Generator

Create a powerful word list in a few seconds.

This tool will take a word and convert it to different formats that may be used as passwords. The output will be powerful password list to use in your penetration tests.

  1. Capitalise the words
  2. Change a to @
  3. Change a to 4
  4. Change e to 3
  5. Change i to 1
  6. Change i to !
  7. Change s to 5
  8. Change s to $
  9. Change l to 1
  10. Change o to 0
  11. Append all numbers from 1 to 999
  12. Append !

All you need to do is upload a word that relate to your target, here are some ideas:

  • Names
  • Nicknames
  • Family names
  • Pet Names
  • Interests
  • Preferences
  • Hobbies
  • Business names
  • Locations
  • Sports teams

Files older than 5 minutes are removed automatically so download them if you want to keep them

Your word list will appear here once it has been processed...

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